Welcome To The Little Soap Shop

Coconut Cream Soap, beautiful and creamy

These natural handmade soaps are created with ultimate skin care in mind.
For people who suffer with skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis and dry, unhappy skin who are aware of the masses of chemicals going on their skin and into their blood stream. People like me, who love the finest, without having to deal with the ridiculous price tags. If you want to make wise and positive changes in your life and to those you love, you are in the right place. 

Aromatic Essentials has been keeping it real since the ’80’s and now we have a cute little Soap Shop in the green and luscious looking hills of Mullalyup, (near Balingup), Western Australia. About time!!! is what everyone said, Haha.
Now you can call in, its a 45 minute drive from Bunbury, only 800m from the Southwest Highway, or order while lying comfortably in your warm bed. Easy! Either way, I look forward to taking care of your needs.

Key Points

Caring about animals, transparency in labeling, passion in the whole manufacturing formulation process, says No to Big Ugly Pharma, No palm oil- leave the natural wildlife be. Certified Cruelty free means I believe testing cosmetics on animals is very wrong and disgusting, and I am dedicated to not supporting it in any way.

OH Yeah!! and the products are truly amazing! Herbal Stuff that Works!


From the heart, start to finish.


The amount of vitamins and minerals contained within each bar, makes a noticeable difference to your skin tone, health and condition. Making it silky soft and smooth. Anti oxidants are marvelous and one of many anti aging ingredients contained in within these high quality skin care soaps. The full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and cell repairing fairies, now available to everyone.

Go there now and enjoy shopping with a 10% off voucher.

10 off

I hope you enjoy shopping here and even get a little excited to find a chemical free alternative to many of your current health destroying skin products. If you are already doing your bit for the planet, GOOD ON YOU!

Sincerely! I love that and although everyone has their story about how they got to “HERE”, right now, if you are caring about something; a real reason! and doing something to support your kindness, sometimes that is enough.

We are out there! Do No harm! Vegan, Natural, Handmade, Cruelty-free;- Ambassadors even, for ethically sourced ingredients for 100% Natural skincare products!

Australia only though, no exporting due to animal cruelty protocols !

Thanks and have an awesome day!

“The Little Soap Shop with The Big Heart.” – Bree H.


Copyright©2018 The Little Soap Shop.  All Rights Reserved.


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