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I’m at a place in my life where peace and happiness are my biggest priorities. I am choosing to only deliberately give my attention and energy to the things that make me feel good.🙌🏻 . That seems easy enough but the contrast of life will put you in situations that test you. So how are you going to respond? Are you going to automatically react to the people, places and situations that normally cause negative emotions or anger? Or will you rise above, find the lesson and grow from it? . You see, life will continue putting situations in front of you until you learn from them. No matter how bad and how low you get, it is only an opportunity for growth. If you continue reacting to life the same way, day after day, month after month, year after year it’s safe to say most days, months and years will repeat the same lessons over and over until you learn from them. . The power we have as physical beings in this universe is that we have the ability to choose our own perspectives about things. We can choose to see the lesson or get mad about it and repeat it. Real change will ONLY come from within. . If you begin to stop yourself in the middle of a reaction, and place your focus on something more positive you are beginning to rewire your subconscious mind. If you can’t find a positive aspect about a situation, simply don’t invest a lot of your energy into it. I realize some people go through negative situations daily, but they do have a choice on how they react to it. If you allow that negative situation or person to consume you and you think about it all day then you already lost. . The best way to create change is to become aware of who you really are and how you react to life. Start noticing what emotions consume most of your day, and then realize what it is that is causing those emotions. From there if you change your perspective you can begin to find the silver lining in the dark cloud so that no matter how bad life may get, you will always have the opportunity to make a change day by day. Choose to only invest your focus and energy on the things that give you peace of mind and happiness!🙏🏻

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Why This Brand Is Different & Worth it!

The most important thing, are my products. Every single ingredient must tick all the boxes, they must be

  • Vegan
  • Palm free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Non-Hydrogenated
  • Non-Solvent extracted
  • and must be superb in the products. Wax is the binding ingredient, which works alongside my emulsifying wax, also a unique one! Wax is used alone when it is an oily product with no water content (a balm for instance.)

If there were no wax, it would be runny like water, without emulsifying wax, separated oil and water, in other words, no decent skincare cream or lotion is possible.  It’s very conditioning for hair and skin without greasiness. There is one place as far as I know who sell this, and so far it is the only one that passes. Candelilla wax is a close second, but depends on extraction method entirely.

Beeswax is what is commonly used in Natural Products. alongside Emulsifying wax-both very cheap and often palm oil derived. This type of emulsifier does very little for healing and nourishing skin.

Oliv-Wax is an highly lipophilic (oil loving) active emollient, very similar to human sebum. Oliv-Wax is a multipurpose emollient totally 100% obtained from Pure Olive Oil.  It is an excellent stabiliser and co-emulsifier for high quality cosmetics as it contains up to 60% vegetal lipids (100% Olive).  Oliv-Wax has a long shelf life, stable for up to 5 years, so virtually no oxidation issues.

Oliv-Wax exhibits excellent spreadability, contributing a light touch and gentle skin feeling properties both in hair and skin care products.  Oliv-Wax is also suitable as a co-conditioning agent, improving both the silkiness and the overall manageability of hair.

Oliv-Wax is considered  a moisturising agent, showing outstanding moisturising properties and a unique silky texture. even when used at low dosage level (1 – 3%).  Oliv-Wax is highly stable to oxidation and has a long shelf life, the melt point is approximately 55° C which allows substitution for waxy products such as beeswax.

Suggested uses:

  • Moisturisers and lotions
  • Night creams
  • Eye creams
  • Products for sensitive skin
  • After-sun creams and lotions
  • Baby care creams and lotions
  • Hair conditioners and treatments

HLB: 0.8
Suggested Usage Rates:  1% -10%
Clinical Tests Show Olive Oil Derivatives prevent Hair Damage.
This product has been granted EcoCert France approval and can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to Ecological and Organic standards

Thank you for learning about the BETTER WAYS!

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