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Site Down?

If you see one of my sites down, please dont freak. I’m very real, so are my products, and my business Aromatic Essentials, since 1989. Relaunched with Gusto in 2013 (digital this time)…well…most of the time? :/…theré also old schoolers like me who don’t like to think much about it.

I’ve had some unfortunate experiences with domain and web hosting, the latest one Beyond Web Solutions or Weebeit, took it down, because they asked for more money to expand space and my site was very small.

They are horrible web developer scammers…watch out for those names.

$500/40gb -$1000/unlimited – are you kidding me? That is FREAKING INSANE!
I seriously don’t want it happening to you!
Search scamnet.com and Scamwatch for any business you are considering!

Now What

I ‘m now embarking on a new website for Aromatic Essentials, costing a whopping (lol) .80 cents a month for unlimited space and bandwidth! 😀 At the moment,

the domain to visit is http://aromaticessentials.online

or The Little Soap Shop – (no shop page yet)

It has already taken up an obscene amount of time finishing my last site, finished in November, I’m choosing to leave it for now and hope you guys find an alternative way to order. Email is ok. Download a price list and order like that.

Back to doing what I love most…That’s where I’m at mostly, in my workshop making beautiful, healing botanical products for my lovely people.

There are so many people who have had their lives changed here,and one less stressor as Bonus is Affordability!

The highest quality possible, for the lowest possible price.

I feel honoured to be needed. Joy in Giving.

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  • Coconut Cream Soap - Organic, Vegan, Beautiful
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  • 4 pack natural soap

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